Mom, I hope u can sleep a little bit because I can’t..

My glass was empty and I was thirsty so I went downstairs out of my bed…

Now I’m sitting in my kitchen and a lot of thoughts are buisy in my head..

Last time I saw you, you had a shining twinkle in your eyes that made me smile..

It took away the worries and the hurt for a little while..

When I was a little kid you were my mom.. so helpfull and most of all so strong..

I never thought that our life could go so wrong…

The last years ain’t easy..sometimes it’s making me sad..

I see you miss your best friend, your husband.. and I also miss mine, my dad..

I’ve learned a lot from you and I still do every single day with the kids of my own..

Maybe u can’t see it now but.. I’ve really grown..

Now I’m a Mother too and also I’ve found love and sometimes it’s make me scared..

Being a grown up is something that happend.. I wasn’t prepared..

The things that made me happy what I remember I’ll take them with me with my boys..

They have to do, like I once had from you… after playing clean up the toys..

After school you were there… waiting with a huge mug of tea…

Now I’m here for them.. and they make fun out of me…

I understand the worries you’ve had with me… I have the same now with these little one’s

Higschool exams ,drinking, driving cars and later going out till late at night..

And we both are thinking: Are they gonna be allright..??!!

It’s so funny to see that we look like mothers the same..

Being a Mom.. it’s my favourite but hardest kind of game..

One day we have to say goodbye but we’ll never fall apart,

Cause you and Dad… are always in my heart..!!


Huge kissss Anne-etc